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What is a CITB Test?

A CITB Test provides you with a certificate which acts as a proof of your understanding of the various health and safety related hazards associated with working in a construction industry. Once you have passed your CITB Test you also become eligible to apply for a corresponding CSCS Card whichis often the foremost requirement for entering a construction site if you want to work as construction worker.

A certificate of passing CITB Test also conveys to your prospective employers or clients that you are well in the right techniques to combat any untoward situation and maintain a healthy environment for yourself and others.

A CITB Test consists of 50 questions that need to be answered within 45 minutes. These are based on your knowledge of construction site related health and safety issues and behavioural case studies.

You must answer a minimum of 45 questions correctly to pass the test

How to get a CITB Test done to achieve CSCS Card:

Booking CITB Test through us is easy –just call us and a member our team will take care of the rest. If you prefer, you can also apply online at your convenience – simply provide a few personal details and your preferred test and date, and we’ll do the rest.

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Constructioncareline Support arranges bookings for CITB Test for individual candidates and groups who are interested in working in the the construction industry. The CITB Test is an important test that you need to pass in order to be recognised as a knowledgeable person who understands the health and safety aspects of the field. It is also the primary means to obtain any CSCS Card. You need to pass a relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test to be eligible to apply for them. While passing your CITB H,S&E Test is crucial, a CSCS Card is widely demanded by most eminent of construction sites.

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