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Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

Construction Plant Competence Scheme stands for CPCS. It’s a card scheme which acts as the proof for the skills of the plant operators. It is based on two major elements for operating the plant and i.e. health and safety awareness and professional competence. It is a kind of necessity or standard to operate as plant operators on National Contractors Federation and Major Contractors Group, and probably this is the reason there are 150,000+ individuals owning the CPCS card.

What is CPCS Card?

The CPCS Card shows that the card holder has the training and skills desired to be engaged as a plant operator within the UK’s construction business. Organization like the MHBG (Major Home Builders Group) and the UKCG (UK Contractors Group) rely on the CPCS scheme to identify trained plant operators and to ensure compliance with national safety regulations.

For whom, it is targeted?

It acts as the proof for the employers of the abilities and skills that the plant operators carry. Major of the categories of the plant can’t be operated. if tradesmen doesn’t have the CPCS Card with themselves. It was developed mainly for the construction industry but today it is used for various sectors in order to set the standards.

Types of CPCS Cards

The Trained Operator (Red) Card: – This card shows employers that you are skilled on your preferred type of equipment, and have completed both your CPCS Theory and Practical tests and the CITB HS&E test.

The Competent Operator (Blue) Card: – If you previously held a Red card and earned a relevant NVQ or SVQ in Plant Operations, you will require a Blue (Competent Operator) Card.

To get the Blue CPCS Card, one must be 18+ and have the following qualifications or achievements:

Have the original Red CPCS Trained Operator Card
Must have cleared the relevant CITB health, safety and environment test
Achieved the CPCS theory
Achieved the CPCS practical test
Proof of the relevant SVQ or NVQ
To get away with your CPCS theory and practical tests, you will have to find an accredited CPCS test centre.

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